A Girl Named Leney
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about the girl


About the girl

i am an artist.
a life long virginian.
born and bred in a city by the river.
anywhere on the water is a place i call home.
i am the daughter of a sailor.

grey rainy days are my preferred weather and forever-aesthetic.
i have a bit of an obsession with the moon.
i love road tripping alone. 
i am the knitting queen.
i never leave a corner of my castle the same for long, i am constantly rearranging the vignettes i lovingly curate.

my current mediums include, but are not limited to:
writing, fiber, knitwear design, curating vintage clothing and homewares, sewing, film and digital photography, and experimenting with various forms of 'rewilding' and slow living.

this is my world.
the documentation and navigation of one wild and wondrous life.
 —☽ —