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the traveling photographer

the traveling photographer

if you missed a description about what The Traveling Photographer is all about you can read that back on the ventures page.

but if you're coming here from there — welcome!

i've been doing paid photography work for nearly a decade now.
and the realization i've come to is this:

i am not a smile-at-the-camera-and-point-and-shoot kind of photographer.

because, really, how often is life truly like that?
when are you ever interrupted by this other person and posed unnaturally and told to "look here" and smile?
that's not real life.
real life is running through a field together, laughing and being silly.
real life is making pancakes in your messy kitchen with your favorite person.
real life is going on a late night drive and listening to your favorite mix tape.
real life is sitting under a tree and reading a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
real life is staying in your pajamas until noon on some days.
real life is setting out on a hike on that trail you've always wanted to explore (probably while wearing yoga pants... let's be real).
real life is gazing at stars on a dirty grass covered blanket in your back yard.
real life is walking your dog in your neighborhood on a rainy morning.
real life is finding new hobbies to enjoy with a loved one, or even just alone.

it's going to your favorite spot with yourself -or a someone- and just... being.

those are the moments i want to capture.
those are the moments i want to document for you.
because that's what i'm drawn to: rawness.
i've tried to explain it as The Art of The Everyday and i've tried to explain it as lifestyle photography.
but what it comes down to is that it's in these moments when you are most often truly happiest and most comfortable.
when you can be allowed to be in your natural state and just be yourself.
when you're doing the things you love in the place you love with the person, or persons, you love.
not worrying about how you look or who that third-wheel-with-the-camera is and what they're doing.
because if there's one thing i know it's that authenticity is the most surefire way to look beautiful.

not when you go buy a new dress just for this photoshoot and get your makeup and hair done and you wear heels, when you never wear heels, just because you want to look taller in photos.
it's when you're wearing that old dress that you always wear because it's your favorite.
it's when you just put on mascara and maybe a little eyeshadow because your Momma told you that the key to wearing makeup is to look like you're not wearing any.
it's when you're barefoot because you actually don't really like wearing shoes (<--- if this is you we are going to be best friends, because same).

i want to be clear, there's 100% nothing wrong with those other kinds of photoshoots or the kind of photographers who capture them. 
it's fun to dress up and be posed and do something different and not every-day-normal for you to document a special occasion or time in your life.
it can be a beautiful and commemorative experience.
but if that's the experience you want, you should look elsewhere.

because that's not the kind of photographer i am. 

so let me come tag along on a date. on an adventure. on an everyday errand or activity.
because these are the moments that make up your being, who you are, whether you're a you or a us.
those are all beautiful things that should be remembered and saved in a tangible don't-let-go-of-this way.

and you want me to travel for one of these dates/adventures/activities?
well now we're in business!





Travel Dates

travel dates are to let you know when i'm going to be somewhere other than home (which right now for me is the wild and wonderful New Mexico) and have availability for additional bookings for photography work.  
because while, yes, i totally can and will come to you for a session wherever you're located, if you see that i'm already going to be near you during a certain time it'd be more cost efficient to go ahead and book a shoot while i'm already planning on being in your area!
make sense? 

for the latest travel dates announcements check out the blog tag! or my instagram story highlights.

Texas January 1st-7th
New Mexico January - Present

New York City January 15th-18th
New York City February 13th-15th
New Orleans, LA March 14th-19th
Atlanta, GA March 20th-22nd
New York City April 14th-19th
Driving across the country and back June-August
Norfolk, VA August 28th-30th
New York City September 9th-12th
London October 17th-22nd
Greece October 22nd-30th
Texas December 30th-January 7th

i will be embarking on a two-month road trip across America this Summer starting in June! so if you live in the states and have any desire to book a shoot, or some other artistic collaboration, please don't hesitate to contact me. i am hoping to meet and work with lots of new people while on the road!

Philadelphia, PA January 11th-16th
New York City August 29th-31st
Boston, MA October 6th-8th
Atlanta, GA October 18th-19th

Atlanta, GA February 5th-8th
New York City February 18th-21st
Atlanta, GA May 27th-30th
Vermont July 5th-10th
Maine July 23rd-August 3rd
Pittsburgh, PA August 11th-13th
PNW October 11th-19th
Las Vegas, NV December 5th-9th

Iceland April 30th-May 8th
Europe June 15th-July 1st
Maine July 16th-27th
New York City August 27th-30th
North Carolina September 18th-19th
Norfolk, VA September 20th-21st
Florida December 1st-4th

just because you don't see your location on the list, don't let that stop you!
i will travel anytime anywhere.
just shoot me an email to inquire! 



i have a wide range of packages and pricing for various commissioned work and planned events. shoot me an email with the specifics of your adventure or project and we can start working something out!

i have traveled to, and photographed in, 9 countries outside of the US and 44 of the 50 states within it.
i am always up for adding to the list...