A Girl Named Leney


Adventures | July 4th In Washington DC

I had a wedding to shoot in D.C. over the weekend, so obviously seeing the fireworks on the fourth was a must.
I'd never been and it was pretty much, hands down, the best fireworks display I'd ever seen.
If it's not on your bucket list, well, it should be.
I had the company of this lovely lady, and we had a fabulous time together, taking photos, people watching, eating hot dogs (my first in probably two years... I felt very American), mastering the Metro, and taking 2845 Instagram videos. 
Of course I shot about a bajillion pictures of the fireworks.
Culling through those was fun.... *insert sarcasm here*
I probably am still sharing too many, and obviously these just don't even do the real thing justice, but.... oh well. 

So thankful for all of the people who have fought, and are currently fighting to make America what it is and allow for me and so many others to have the freedoms we do.
Blessed is an understatement.