A Girl Named Leney

The art of slow living

what is the art of slow living?

it's living your life with intention and mindfulness.
it's part of the dream i am working on.
what does that look like?
for me it's...

having the ability to naturally wake up early and going about my morning routine un-rushed
brewing a cup of coffee without a coffee maker
taking the time to make myself meals from whole and fresh foods that come from the ground and not packages
reading a book while i eat lunch instead of looking at a screen
reading a book while waiting somewhere
reading a book before bed
reading a book
walking or biking to my destination instead of driving
going on a walk with no destination in mind
caring for plants (and crossing my black thumbs while doing so)
lighting candles
taking time for myself
taking time for others
writing letters instead of texting
dropping everything to go sailing if the weather, and the sailor whose daughter i am, calls for it
taking a bath instead of a shower
spending time with those i care about in more spontaneous and unscheduled ways
doing things on purpose
spending less
owning less
turning over that record instead of hitting the next button on spotify
shooting film instead of using my iphone
knitting a sweater instead of buying one
delegating and not having to wear so many hats
taking time to meditate and pray
lying in the grass and enjoying the weather
running in the rain and enjoying the weather
enjoying the weather

essentially, it's taking the time to enjoy life's gifts in the various, often over looked, forms they take.
even when they require extra steps.
even when they require more time.
even when there's a to do list hanging over your head. 
maybe even especially when.
because it's a healthier way of living.

iā€™m still learning what living intentionally, sustainably and mindfully means for me. 
i hope that in the pursuit of finding those answers for myself i inspire you to seek out what that means for you in your own life.

because i think we could all do with a little bit more slowing down, to take notice of the aspects in our day-to-day that are truly meaningful and add value instead of take it away.

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