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Travel Dates

Travel dates are to let you know when I'm going to be somewhere other than home and have availability for additional bookings for photography work.  
Because while, yes, I totally can and will come to you for a session wherever you're located, if you see that I'm already going to be near you during a certain time it'd be more cost efficient to go ahead and book a shoot then while I'm already planning on being in your area!
Make sense? 
Plus, I've decided, at least for the remainder of 2015, to offer my photo sessions booked during travel dates at a discounted rate!
What's not to love right?
For the latest travel dates announcements check out the blog tag!


Iceland April 30th-May 8th

Europe June 15th-July 1st

Maine July 16th-27th

New York City August 27th-30th

North Carolina September 18th-19th

Norfolk, VA September 20th-21st

Florida December 1st-4th


Atlanta, GA February 5th-8th

New York City February 18th-21st

Atlanta, GA May 27th-30th

Vermont July 5th-10th

Maine July 23rd-August 3rd

Pittsburgh, PA August 11th-13th

PNW October 11th-19th

Just because you don't see your location on the list, don't let that stop you!
I will travel anytime anywhere.
Just shoot me an email to inquire!