A Girl Named Leney


sailing on the Chickahominy 2015

sailing on the Chickahominy 2015


if you missed the introductory description on what Tumblehome is all about you can read that back on the ventures page.

but if you're coming here from there — welcome!

Tumblehome is made up of a sailor (my father) and his daughter (me) and their adventures together in pursuit of what it means to live an intentional life. 

my father's relationship with sailing is a lifelong one.
he often recalls sitting in the cockpit of a boat barely old enough to walk, strapped into a big orange life jacket (think Randy on The Christmas Story when he falls into the snow and can't get up) and i can recall a similar experience (though my life jacket had dinosaurs printed on it #90slife).

i was born on a boat.
not literally. 
but my childhood is steeped in recollections of being on various bodies of water and being ferried about on various vessels. 
it's so much a part of who i am that i cannot imagine my life without it.

the feeling the open water brings is one akin to the feeling of home. 

i love sleeping under all those stars that are only that brilliant far away from the towns and cities that try to overshadow them.
waking up to a sun that is only that stunning when it's rising up out of the water as if it went for a morning swim before starting it's day.
being on a boat makes you look outwards.
there's a special kind of soul searching that happens when you're surrounded by all that blue.

in light of our water-bound adventures being so much a part of our lives, we started pursuing sharing our stories together last summer under this title and have since made two handmade products together in the way of wooden crochet hooks and combs.
more handmade goods are coming soon!

our fleet consists of a boat named Una, a boat named Luna and a puppy named Huck.
(i suppose the latter is more so part of the crew than the fleet though... can't fit many sailors on his back)

see a chronicling of our various adventures on the journal and follow us on instagram @tumblehome.us and on Facebook.
you can also check out the sailor's boat building adventures and musings on his own blog Lingering Lunacy

watch my video essay on a little piece of what it's like to be the daughter of a sailor