why does your welcome page say "rewild"?
the definition of rewild is:

  1. to reverse the process of domestication.
  2. to return to a more wild or self-willed state.

for me this means to come back to a natural state we were born in. a state of being in touch with the important and inherent essences of our being that are forgotten, changed, and covered up by the fast paced world we live in today. it's about restoration. going against the grain. thinking outside the box. slowing down. being mindful.
reintroducing intentionality into an inherently fast paced society.
these are all aspects of what i want my life to look like and how i want to challenge others in their own.

your pictures on here are moving?? what's happening?? how'd you do that??
those pictures are called cinemagraphs! 
all of the ones you see on my site are made by my friend Meagan (who pretty much takes all the photos you ever see of me), with the exception of the one on my about page which is made by my friend Rachel Hanon

how the heck do you pronounce your name?
i get this a lot.
and there's no unawkward way of explaining it.
so, to put it simply: LeeKnee
hopefully that makes sense!

who took the photos for your Etsy shop?
my friend Meagan Abell! she also took a lot of the other photos of me floating around here. 
she's the bees knees.
go give her some love: www.meaganabellphotography.com

which iphone apps do you use to edit your photos?
VSCO cam. all day every day.

what camera/lens do you use? 
digital: i use a Canon 5d Mark ii with a Canon 50mm 1.2, Sigma 35mm 1.4, Canon 40mm 2.8 and a canon 85mm 1.8 lens and i occasionally rent lenses from www.lensrentals.com
film: i have a wide array of film cameras that i am continuously experimenting with, however the one you'll see work from most often is my Minolta X-700

what photo editing software do you use?
i primarily use Adobe Lightroom 5. 

do you have any tips for someone opening up an Etsy shop?
i answered a few questions and gave a few tips in this post here that you might find helpful! 

what does RVA mean?
it stands for Richmond Virginia, my hometown. it's just what most people from here call it. i know. super hip, right? 

can you recommend some things to do in Richmond? 
definitely! i'm actually working on a guide to Richmond post for the blog, but in the meantime feel free to email me for any suggestions.

do you travel for weddings/other photoshoots?
i do! shoot me an email for more info as well as check out the Travel Dates section of the site!

do you sell your knitting patterns?
i create all of the patterns for the knitted and crocheted items in my shop myself, but at this time i do not sell these patterns. thanks for your interest though!

what is a PASS gallery? why do you use it instead of DVDs or flash drives to deliver photos?
PASS is a super awesome online interactive gallery that beautifully displays your photos for you to enjoy and share! you can download your digital files, order gorgeous prints and products, share the link with anyone at anytime, have your gallery on the go with the mobile app, and have a safe backup in the cloud for all your photos for 10 years! DVD's, CD’s and flash drives don't have very much in the way of space to keep all of those big files safe all at once, but primarily they're also very easily lost or broken. so this is just a better/easier/faster way to get you your photos.
PASS is super user friendly and, once again, just has all of these great perks for easily sharing your photos with your friends and family!

don't see the answer to your question here?
shoot me an email!