A Girl Named Leney


My Wish List

So I have accumulated quite the wish list lately. And for lack of anything better to do at work, since I've finished all my work, I shall make said list, here.

1. One of those feather hair clip things: I really don't know what these are called, and I haven't seen many around, but they are just the coolest things. I think. I might just have to make my own.

2. Faux fur leopard coat: I saw one at H&M last year for super cheap and kepttt going back and looking at it and thinking "I love this, but I can't pull it off". Oh how I wish I had gotten it now.

3. Jean Shirt: I am awaiting to stumble upon the perfect one while thrifting.

4. Jazz shoes: I love love love this style of shoe.

5. A brown leather bag: I need a new purse. Not too big, not too small, one that has handles that fit over your shoulder but also a strap to turn it into a messenger bag. Something like Fossil's Heirloom Convertible Messenger.

6. The Forever 21 silver cross ring: Enough said.

7. Robins egg blue nailpolish: As seen on the lovely Rachel of http://www.thatschic.net/

8. Leather gloves: There's just something so chic and vintage and classy about a pair of leather gloves.

9. A collection of old vintage rhinestone necklaces: I've seen plenty during my thrifting adventures but man are the pricey...

10. Big headphones: I don't know how practical these are, but hey they sure a cute.