A Girl Named Leney


Coke and Oreos

So today I was eating lunch, a pretty healthy one (for the most part), when I had this sudden urge for a coke and some oreos.
Kind of a random craving you might be thinking, but I knew that we had oreos in the cabinet and that one of the classic cokes in a glass bottle, that my Uncle had given me for Christmas (he gave me a bunch of things from my Things That Make Me Happy list. Sweetest most thoughtful gift ever), was sitting nice, tall and cold in the fridge.
Disregarding my better judgement and temporary guilt for indulging in such a sugary snack, I ate the oreos and drank the coke and did not feel one teensy bit bad about myself for doing so.

I think we need to indulge ourselves in the simple, yet fun things in life, that make us happy, more often than we do and not feel so darn bad about it when we do. I think we'd be a little bit happier. I know I would.
God gave us these simple things to enjoy, with moderation obviously, because as we know too much of a good thing isn't good, but I think I personally need to just stop and smell the roses more often as the cliche saying goes, and not get so stressed out and caught up in the everyday worries of life.
Or, as I would say, stop and eat some oreos and drink a coke.
In a glass bottle preferably.

That's my silly insight for the day. Who knew you could get something so inspirational out of an afternoon snack.