A Girl Named Leney


Blanket Forts

When you were little did you make forts?
Me and my brothers made them all the time.
Out of blankets, pillows, sheets, cardboard boxes.
Forts were the best.

And I was thinking the other day (after stumbling across some pictures of some super cool blanket forts) how much I miss doing those sorts of things.
Cliche as it is, I miss being little when doing things like building forts, running around outside pretending to be a spy on a top secret mission, or traversing through creeks to find hidden treasure, was socially except-able and age appropriate...

However I've decided that I'm going to start building blanket forts again anyway.
In fact when I get married I fully intend to build forts and make my husband live in them with me.
And then when I have kids I'll build them all the time.
There. Problem solved.

(More cool forts via Rockstar Diaries, Bleubird and Google.)