A Girl Named Leney


A List

Just because I like making lists.

1. Was able to go into one of the coolest thrift stores ever today and resisted buying ANYTHING! This is quite the accomplishment for me. (The fact that I will be returning to said thrift store within the very near future and possibly making a few purchases is beside the point)

2. I may or may not have consumed several packets of Sixlets, a handful of Robin's Eggs, Twizzlers and half a box of Nerds (I'm talking the big 6oz box) within the span of only a few hours recently....

3. I love the 3 L's

4. I have to delete Urban Outfitters emails immediately without opening them because the temptation is just too great...

5. Voicemails make me happy.

6. I am currently listening to Your Song by Ellie Goulding.

7. I've been here about 4 times now and it's one of my favoritest places.

8. I pretty much can't express in enough words how badly I want Summer to be here. Cliche? I do not care.