A Girl Named Leney


Wedding's Make Me Happy

It's true. Wedding's make me happy.

Of course probably any girl over the age of.. well.. of any age, will tell you this. And if she tries to tell you otherwise, she's lying and is in fact bitter and resentful because she wants nothing more then to be married and have a wedding herself, but can't have one because she hasn't found "the one".


I like thinking about what my wedding will be like, and I actually have a little folder of pictures saved on my desktop of pictures I find that I like, or are inspirational.
Is this dorky/embarrassing/weird/sad/cheesy of me?
Maybe a little bit.
But I don't care, I love dreaming about what that day will be like, it's one of the most important days in ones life and I like to look forward to big and exciting, important things. And dreaming about them.

To end this little nonsensical post I will now share some pictures from the above mentioned folder.
(I can't give credit to where credit's due because I get these from all over sooo... hopefully no one's offended.)

I love weddings.