Oh Ohio

Travelled to Ohio over the weekend, pretty cool state, I'd never been.
Got some lovely shots with the Instax polaroid and Diana mini on the way up.
(or down... or across... or however you want to look at it.)
West Virginia is a pretty state I must say. All those beautiful misty mountains.

(Camera obsessed? Meeee? Nooo....)

Also ate at the infamous White Castle and Skyline Chili while there.
Pretty sure I could eat at Skyline's every other day and never get tired of it. So. Good.
Wish we had one (or five) back here at home.

P.s. For anyone who's interested, the first street style post is up! You can take a look at it here.
I'm already excited to get out and find some more stylish people this week to photograph!
This is fun.