Tea and Tomatoes

Growing up I wasn't super picky, however there were a few things I refused to eat (frito's, beef stroganoff, and fruit loops for example). Tomatoes were one of them.
I never liked tomatoes. 
The taste just did not appeal to me.
I liked ketchup, and tomato sauce... but plain tomatoes were just not ok.
However, as I got older, and the Summer season started year after year, my Mother would buy tomatoes upon tomatoes because the rest of my family loved them. She would slice them up nice and big, put them in seasonings and sauces and marinades, and my family would go to town.
And they looked so good.
I started really wanting to like them. So I started trying a bite every year. Hoping that maybe this would be the year I liked them.
I discovered I liked, no loved, fried green tomatoes. But fresh red juicy tomatoes still escaped my taste buds. They just did not appeal to me.
Until this year. 
I am proud to say that this is the year I finally like tomatoes. 
Cut up a bunch of baby ones, put a mix of seasonings on them and man... sooooo good.
Along these same lines, I've never really liked coffee, sweet tea or just regular hot tea (you probably wonder what I even drink. The answer... hot chocolate... and water.) Over the past year I now like all of these too (with lots of sugar). Except the coffee has to be ice coffee.... preferably made by my friend Nikki. 
So there you have it. I am now a regular connoisseur of food. 

(P.s. If you put a little tomato on a Triscuit cracker... mmmmmm)