A Girl Named Leney


Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone's encouraging response to the birds nest ring I made! I had made two for bridal shower gifts (remember, I have a lot of weddings to go to this year) and they seemed to be very well liked by their recipients. So much so that I had other girls wanting one, and I already have several orders lined up! So as soon as I stock up on more wire I will make a few and put them in the shop. Promise.
Though I need to figure out ring sizing....
Anyone know if there's a ring sizer or something I can buy at a craft store?

Also.... May is here? What the mess. Why is 2011 going by so quickly? I would greatly appreciate it if it would slow down please.... If only because it makes me more and more aware of how slack I am being about getting this business venture up and running as the months go by.
I'm getting there though.
I just need a little encouragement sometimes.
And a whole lot of pushing and prodding.