A Girl Named Leney


Busy Bee

(This was taken by a friend, I love it)

So I have been kept very very busy lately. Mostly with good stuff though. In fact, almost all good stuff. I am so very excited about so many fun new things that I've been doing/will be doing over the next few months!
I will share more as things unfold, I know I have a lot of things to catch up on too, pictures and things especially, so I shall do my best to keep up with it all virtually for those of you who wish to know (and for those of you who don't..... why are you reading this?)

Firstly, First Friday's was a success. Always a highlight of the month and always so very inspirational. Met some very cool and fun people. Also got some wonderful new pictures for From the Runway to RVA and not only that but happened to meet Brian McDaniel of Dirty Richmond! I didn't even know who he was when I asked
to take his picture and it turns out he had seen me and wanted to take mine too. Could there be a greater honor in the RVA fashion world?
It was a blast talking to him for a bit (and noticing we have the exact same glasses. Extra cool points? I think so.) and taking pictures. Keep your eye out for an upcoming interview with him featuring some of the photos I shot.

Also a very successful thrifting outing, scored all of this wonderfulness for a mere $7.
(Suspenders, mug, flannel, 2 books, purse, platter, skirt and a vest that's not pictured)
Also enjoyed going to a Parachute concert over the weekend (no pictures though, they wouldn't let me take my camera in....) and that was fun. And I now very much adore downtown Charlottesville.

Life is good. God's been doing some awesome things lately and I'm enjoying them.
I hope your weekend was just as lovely!