A Girl Named Leney


Some Little Things

You know how they say it's the little things in life that make it worth while? 
I think that's true a lot of the time. 
Lately these have been a few of my little things:

-A friend I haven't seen in awhile texting me and saying she was listening to Twist and Shout by The Beatles and reminiscing about the time she reenacted that scene from Ferris Bueller in an attempt to embarrass me in public.
-A little almost-two-year-old-boy learning how to say my name and smiling every time he says it
-My Mom buying me a new ipod car thing because my old one is broken
-Blowing bubbles
-Playing connect four with two little children and having them argue because they each want to be on "Leney's team"
-Photobooth pictures
-A friend making me a bouquet of yellow rose flower pens because yellow roses stand for friendship
-Samoa cookies
-Rainbow cookies
-Having my Dad call me on his way home from work just to see what I'm up to
-Finding a ladybug in my room
-Hazelnut ice coffee from McDonald's.... (what? It's good....)
-Making plans to look forward to with friends
-Having someone call me from very far away, even though it's not easy, just because they miss me
-Looking out the window just now and seeing a hummingbird
-Handwritten notes (always the best)
-A new shirt
-My spoon ring that is my favorite and I wear all the time that used to be my Moms
-Having a favorite song come on the radio
-Someone making time out of their own very busy day to talk to me
-Knowing I am very loved and God's got a plan for everything even when (especially when) I don't.

(That's more of a big thing but I'm still counting it....)

What are some of your little things?