A Girl Named Leney


Anti Productive

Sometimes I really should be trying to actually get the 49 things I need to get done, done, but instead I find myself doing things very similar to this list.... (found here)

20 great excuses for not getting anything done while at a coffee shop.

1. I don’t like this chair.
2. I’m tired.
3. I can’t remember what I am working on.
4. I’m simultaneously too warm AND too cold.
5. Adult attention deficit disorder.
6. Memories of childhood. So deep.
7. There are too many people fussing with chairs around here.
8. I’ve had too much coffee
9. I haven’t had enough coffee, and I can’t find the waiter.
10. My face hurts.
11. I can’t remember what I am working on.
12. There are people speaking French near me, I am reminded that I need to brush up on my French so I can eavesdrop on French people more.
13. Identical twins exist, and it’s a miracle of nature. I want to celebrate this.
14. the clock has stopped.
14. the clock has stopped.
14. the clock has stopped.
15. I remember my lunch too, too vividly.
16. I am wearing a new pair of jeans.
17. I have to move on.
18. They’re playing Michael Jackson so I OBVIOUSLY want to dance, but that would be weird, so I have to just dance in my mind, and dancing in my mind takes serious concentration.
19. I would rather just talk.
20. I am out of excuses.
Here’s a good solution: sit back, relax, and use your phone to look up herbal remedies for a.d.d.

Pretty sure Zooey Deschanel and I are kindred spirits.
At least I'd like to think so.