A Girl Named Leney


So Many Things To Do, So Little Time

Some of this week's to-do list

1. Go to the beach and test out underwater camera (#7 on this list)

2. Donate books to thrift store

3. Write New Mexico street style article for From The Runway To RVA

4. Buy tickets to see Beirut and Foster The People

5. Go to Godiva and get free chocolate

6. Write letters


8. Find some time to go to the VMFA again soon because I miss it

9. Go somewhere and test out Minolta Hi-Matic G camera (anyone want to accompany me for a photo shoot?)

10. Get a slurpee

11. Finish another book (finally finished My Antonia while sailing this weekend. Now to tackle the 7 other half finished books I have lying around...)

12. Enjoy summer as much as possible before it slips away

13. Clean the thing that has become my room

14. Get rid of some things....

15. Eat ice cream

16. Eat macaroni and cheese

17. Breathe