A Girl Named Leney


Just Another To Do List

I love making lists.
Which you've probably already noticed/guessed.
For some reason making the list itself makes me feel almost as if I've accomplished all the things on it already. Or that I'm at least half way to doing so. I've also noticed that when I share with other people what some of the things I have to do are (sorry if you've ever been one of those people, I know I can go on forever about it...) I am more inclined to get them done.
It subconsciously holds me accountable I think.
Don't bother to keep reading (but don't tell me you're not because I have to think you are so that this works. Remember, accountability and all) because this is to force me into being hopefully productive.
Or if anything at least spend five minutes procrastinating.

Things To Get Done This Month


Date with Mom


Finish editing Brynne's senior pictures/put on CD/ mail

Edit New Mexico pictures

Be patient for Minolta to come in the mail

See a movie with Lebs

Write up bio for From The Runway To RVA's "meet the writers" page

Write up feature for Kaytee's wedding blog

Post on recent thrifted finds (the last for awhile... I really am stopping for awhile this time)

Sew sail ties


Look into yoga classes/Go to yoga class

County Fair things

Eat my weight in strawberries

Get more street style pictures

Call all those people I need to call and make all those appointments I need to make

Write letters

Find topic to discuss at bible study


Buy tickets for Beirut, Thrice, Grace Potter and Foster The People


Julie's Birthday (I am chronically month(s) late when giving people presents)

Catch up on Pretty Little Liars (don't judge me)

Drink my weight in tea

Take clothes to Plato's Closet/Find someone who wants the clothes after Plato's Closet takes
two things.

Clean oriental rug

See a Squirrels game

Write post on RVA food

Make a mix tape

First friday photo's



Cayla's senior pictures

Listen to Ascend The Hill more

Schedule Anna's senior pictures

Charge camera batteries

Take a nap