A Girl Named Leney


Bagels and Yarn and Streetcars Oh My!

      So since the beginning of September I have awoken each morning with the mindset that it is Fall. 
This is quickly corrected once I actually step outside and discover the 80+ degree temperature and that the pants, scarves, hats and jackets I have donned are completely unnecessary and borderline suicidal.

However just because the weather refuses to cooperate, it doesn't mean I can't still do Fall-ish things.

For instance, this morning I ate a pumpkin bagel and drank a pumpkin latte (you probably can't tell, but I like pumpkin) and went to my favorite local yarn shop, Lettuce Knit, which had one of their annual yarn sales today and bought some yarn (all of which was cotton, which is about as un fall like as you can get with yarn but that's besides the point) so that I can start knitting again in earnest. 
Knitting (and crocheting) as much as I'd like it to be a year round thing for me, I can never really get too into until it starts to get cold out.

And then I went to see A Streetcar Named Desire which was showing at The Byrd (for free!) 

Not that this really has anything to do with Fall.
But it was still a nice addition to the day. 

I'm still really ready for Fall though.