A Girl Named Leney



Meet Brynne.

I had the privilege of taking this beautiful girls senior pictures.
She made my job (making her look beautiful) very easy.
She's very photogenic.
I don't know why she isn't a model.
We had a lot of fun taking these, she kept me laughing the whole time, telling me different stories and naturally knowing what to do before I even directed her. I love the whimsical and fairytale kind of theme she envisioned for the latter half of our shoot.
  And the traveling/wanderlust theme for the first half is also fun (possibly my most favorite). 
I kind of imagined her waiting for a secret train in the woods, destination Narnia perhaps?
Check out some of the other photos on my photography page here.

P.s. As a thank you gift she gave me this blouse which Zooey Deschanel wears in 500 Days of Summer!
Obviously she knows me all to well.

P.p.s. Happy September!!!!