Extra Extra Read All About It

So a lot of good things have been in the works lately, and so I thought I'd share just a few of them with you!

First, I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite cities this past weekend and it was simply marvelous. More about that soon (complete with an unnecessary amount of photos).

Also, I happened to be reading RVA News yesterday and noticed two of my photos from the most recent street style article are in the newest Capital Style! How neat is that? (Remember the first time?) It's been so cool seeing my work randomly around the internet and even in person on the streets. I've really loved this opportunity of taking pictures for From the Runway to RVA and getting more involved in the fashion world. I've always loved fashion and dressing creatively and uniquely (which you can read more about here), but now I actually have the opportunity to be involved in it with other people and be a part of different photo shoots and other creative aspects involving style and fashion. It's been so much fun. Speaking of which, you'll be seeing a lot more photo shoots and cool articles this upcoming month as we enter into Fall! I'm super excited to be a part of several fun upcoming projects, so keep an eye out for them.

Also I've had so many lovely ladies wanting me to do their senior pictures, which has also been fun. They are, in a sense, models of sorts and so taking their pictures helps me practice. ;)
I have a lot of album updates for the photo page to do though... There have been some very beautiful pictures taken lately.
Which has much more to do with the actual subject being just downright gorgeous rather than the photographer being talented.

And then of course not to mention the Etsy shop should be up and running by the end of the month (fingers crossed).

And on top of that I get to go to Boston for a weekend in October! I've never been to Boston. I'm looking forward to it. To say the least.

Anyway, lots of exciting and interesting things coming up, and with Fall literally just two days away I could not be more excited. All the knitwear I spend all year sporadically making, even in the Summer months, becomes totally justified once the leaves start falling off the trees.

And because I personally don't like blogposts that have big chunks of boring text and nothing pretty to look at (assuming you actually read all of that) here's a photo of some instax polaroids that I took over the Summer in New Mexico.

So what have you got going on this month?