A Girl Named Leney



Meet Anna.

I had the privilege recently of taking this beautiful girls senior pictures
To answer your question: Yes. 
She really is that pretty in person. 
Ridiculous right?
I loved Anna's vision for the photoshoot, casually classy and "elegantly english" as she put it. 
Also Audrey Hepburn, a mutual favorite actress, was also an inspiration of hers. This small fact alone made us bond marvelously. The ballerina theme she came up with was also a favorite. I mean how gorgeous is she in that dress? 
(We also share a mutual love for dresses. I loved all the dresses she had for the shoot, not all of which even we used)
 Anna has such a beautiful smile which makes an appearance easily, and I love that about her. 
I never had to tell her to smile. 
And she had lots of fun and creative ideas of her own for pictures which, as I've mentioned before, is always helpful .
It's always more fun bouncing ideas off each other than just telling someone what to do.
We had a lovely time though.
We found a little friend too

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