A Girl Named Leney



Yesterday was a good day because:

1. I treated myself to a relaxing lunch at Panera (the Sierra turkey sandwich to be exact. It's my favorite) and got to sit and read and have some me time.

2. I wore my Beirut t-shirt that I got at the concert the other night (post forthcoming) and the lady at the register at Panera liked it and had a mutual love for Beirut and we had a nice conversation about it. I love friendly people.

3. Work was really easy and went smoothly and stress free

4. I got two pairs of shoes for $25.
Now someone invite me to go out and dance or go to a fancy party or something.

5. I got to catch up with three of my best friends and we had a really great time together (british accents may have been involved)

6. I had chinese food for dinner (Thank you China Max)

7. I drove around all day with the windows down

8. I went to goodwill and found exactly what I need for my Halloween costume (plus two super cute skirts)

9. I finished several custom order cowls. Yay productivity!

10. Seeing all the pretty fall leaves change colors makes me happy.

What was good about your yesterday?