A Girl Named Leney


Birthday Week

So a week ago today I turned 20.
Here are some of the things I did to celebrate this week:

-Ate several Krispy Kreme donuts
-Jumped completely into the ocean at 6am
-Ate a chocolate chip waffle at Waffle House (which was a total disappointment now that they just dump the chocolate chips on top instead of baking them into the waffle)
-Went to a local book shop and sat and read books
-Bought a new book
-Sat in a comfy chair in a coffee shop and drank a gingerbread latte while journaling
-Had a scrumptious homemade dinner with my family
-Took silly pictures on photobooth
-Opened presents!
-Ate Birthday cake
-Caught up with some good friends
-Bought myself Never Say Never on DVD (I'm not obsessed, what are you talking about...)
-Ate Birthday cake for breakfast
-Bought myself Foster the People's new CD
-Read magazines in Barnes and Noble
-Celebrated Thanksgiving with loved ones
-Went on a date with the boyfriend to New York Deli and ate yummy sandwiches and used the photobooth there (the only real one I know of in Richmond)
-Bought a yo-yo
-Went to see 50/50 at the Byrd (sadly Joseph Gordon-Levitt was not there... though he is in RVA for a movie he's filming and has been seen by everyone but me it seems)
-Had a cookies and creme milk shake at Cookout
-Went roller skating (with glow sticks and Justin Bieber playing no less)
-Saw Fight Club at a midnight showing at the Byrd
-Had a cheese burger and $1 sweet tea at McDonalds (Yes, yes I do realize %87 of this list is food. Mostly junk food. I like eating ok?)
-Read outside in the grass
-Ordered the Canon T2i camera!!!!!!!! Best Birthday present to myself ever. Can't wait for it to get here!

It's been a great Birthday week!
Thanks to everyone who had a part in making my Birthday the best one yet. I love you all dearly and all the cards, phone calls, gifts, wall posts, texts, visits, and emails meant so much and I appreciate them all:)