A Girl Named Leney



Most of you know that I knit.

Either because I've blogged about it, you've personally witnessed me buying copious amounts of yarn, you've received a hand knit item for Christmas, or you've actually seen me doing it (usually while watching a movie or TV... I can't watch anything without knitting. I feel like I'm wasting time doing so and I need to feel semi productive so I knit at the same time. The only time I don't do this is in movie theaters. Though I have tried that once or twice...)
Most of you also will not understand knitting, or to the extent of which I knit, unless you yourself are a knitter.
You in fact have probably once or twice thought I am probably crazy for the afore mentioned yarn quantities I have in my possession. Very few people actually are aware of how much yarn I own. Because it takes a special kind of person to be able to handle this knowledge without thinking I'm downright crazy.
There's something you have to understand though....
All of the yarn I have, it's not all for knitting.
Not solely because it would probably be impossible to knit it all up in my lifetime, mostly because I keep buying more on a regular basis, but also because it's there for inspiration, for insight, for the inherently fascinating possibility of what it might become.
The same goes for all the fabric, buttons, old clothes, paint, magazine pages I rip out of magazines, beads, old jewelry, random metal objects, old books, fake flowers, old records and pretty much all the random craft/art supplies I own.
Some people would see all of this as junk. 
But I like to see the potential in things (to a fault... This is why I have a huge stack of long old lady dresses and skirts that would be completely transformed and super cute if I would just cut 12 inches off the bottoms and hem them).
And it's owning all of this that allows me to be inspired to create and make the things I do. If I only owned the bare minimum of what was necessary to make whatever project I had in mind, I wouldn't be able to mid project decide the cropped top I was sewing actually needed to become a dress, or that pillow into a purse or that art journal page a huge collage.
So yes. I have a lot of stuff. But it helps me stay inspired. 
Everyone has their method... this is mine.

And if you think I have too much yarn, just remember I'm not calling you stupid for owning that many versions of one video game or that many dresses in that exact color or 478 collectible Star Wars figurines.