Christmas Parade

I went to the Christmas parade this morning! 
I used to go every year when i was younger but I hadn't been in quite some time so I was super excited to be going this year.
It didn't disappoint. 
It was very festive and I loved it! There a few more photos here if you are interested in seeing some more, but here are some favorites:

Last year poor Rudolph had a run in with a lamppost.
But he's doing better and is on the mend. 
Mr. and Mrs. Clause pause for a smooch
Pretty sure we were sitting to the real Santa.... And he was wearing red converses!
They had to do this for every float... Pretty funny to watch
He has some milk for his lasagna
Noddy the elf. 
Does anyone else remember watching this show growing up? Anyone?

And I of course had the most excellent of company to enjoy it all with...

ALSO we finally got our tree tonight! 
It's outside in a bucket of water until we have time to decorate it. 
Which will hopefully be soon because there's nothing I love more than seeing a decorated Christmas tree at night with all its pretty (colorful) lights glowing and homemade, fancy, and unique Christmas ornaments adorning its branches.

Oh Christmas how I love you.