Dear ____

Dear fresh flowers,
Thank you for filling my room with your lovely scent and making me happy.

Dear Christmas candy,
It's surprising that as much of you that I'm eating your supply never seems to diminish... I can't decide how I feel about this.

Dear January,
I like your warm days better than your cold ones. If you want to make it so there are more of the former that's perfectly fine with me.

Dear Horace,
Thank you for bringing me a little daily Christmas cheer. Even if it is a bit out of season.

Dear yarn stash,
Why is it that you never seem to hold the one color or kind of yarn I need? As large as you are you'd think this wouldn't be a constant problem. I think you and wallet have a conspiracy going on.

Dear Instagram,
You're really addicting.

Dear stomach,
Stop craving broccoli and cheddar soup. I can't afford to buy it for you every day.

Dear shoes at Urban Outfitters,
No. No you cannot come home with me. Not unless you want to significantly decrease your price tag by at least %60.

Dear Urban Outfitters emails,
Stop tempting me.

Dear bank teller lady,
Thanks for always remembering my name and being really nice. You make my day.