A Girl Named Leney


In the Words of Eleanor Roosevelt

"Do one thing every day that scares you."
-Eleanor Roosevelt
And that's exactly what I did today.

This morning I went to a beautiful little church out in the country and stood on a stage and sung in front of a little over 100 people. 

Up until a week ago I hadn't even really sung in front of one person.
But my boyfriend got it into his head recently that he wanted me to help him lead worship at some point. 

(He sings and plays guitar and is super talented. Not that I'm biased or anything...) 

And so along came this opportunity and, with about a week of practice, I got up on a stage and sang into a microphone.

For people to hear.
And sing along to.

It was pretty nerve wracking thinking about it all week, never having done anything like that before.

Surprisingly though, I wasn't even that nervous this morning. Which would not normally be the case. I'm not a huge center-of-attention "look at me" kind of person really. And when anything like that is required of me, (giving speeches, talking in front of big groups of people, etc.) I get really nervous.
However, people kept telling me that I just needed to focus on the fact that it wasn't about me, that it was about God. And as long as I sung with joy and a heart full of worship it couldn't be that bad.
And that's what I did.
And people told me I was good!

(Though, even if I had been terrible, people wouldn't just go and tell me so. That would just be mean)

Now I'm sure I wasn't fantastic. 
And I'm not the next Adele or anything. 
However, the fact that I was at least able to sing in key and also that my musically gifted boyfriend (hopefully unbiasedly) was willing to give his stamp of approval, was good enough for me.

And as cheesy as it sounds... it kind of just felt right being up there.
I genuinely love singing. 
Who knew?

So we'll see where that goes. Maybe I'll do it more, maybe it was a one time thing. I don't know. 

But I think I'm allowed to be pretty proud of myself.
Conquering fears and being all brave!

I made sure I at least dressed nicely today though.
Just, you know, in case I really did sound horrible. At least I would look cute while doing it... ;)