Playing Catch Up

Hello dear readers!
I've been rather absent here lately, however lots of exciting emails are occupying my inbox and there are several new things in the works!
Here's a little bit of what's been going on:

-I am featured in a sponsor spotlight today over on Katelyn's Blog Inner Vision.
Feel free to check it out!

-The Facebook page has had a name change! After the super annoying process of having to get everyone to unlike the page, (you can only change a Facbook page's name if you have under 100 likes) Leney Breeden Photography is now A Girl Named Leney!
I thought this would be better so that I can use the page as an all encompassing outlet to let people know, not just about my photography, but anything blogging or Etsy shop related. So feel free to go on over and give it a like! Or a re-like... if you were one of the nice people who helped me out in un-liking it temporarily.

-Also, in light of the new Facebook page name, I have created an album for everyone who has bought any of my creations to submit photo's of themselves wearing their purchases! So shoot me an email with any photos of yourself wearing anything made by A Girl Named Leney.

-I am working on a post about a conference I went to recently called Passion. It was amazing and I can't wait to share the experience with you.

-I have several photo related posts to do... Hopefully I will get around to those soon!

-Look for some fun interviews with a few fellow bloggers coming up in the next few weeks as well.

That's all I have time to update you on for now! I'll have some more interesting posts for you here soon, I promise.

And because text heavy posts are no fun without pictures to look at, here is a photo of a yarn bombed street sign I came across while down town the other day.....