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Blogger Feature: Mckenzie of Basil

Today I am excited to introduce to you a new blogging friend of mine!
Her name is Mckenzie and she blogs over at Basil.
Her blog is a regular read of mine. She has such a lovely outlook on life, tells funny stories and has the cutest outfit posts!
Check her out.

Why do you blog?
I love documenting. I want to be able to look back in a couple of years and more and remember things I could otherwise forget. I have kept journals before, and its always so much fun going back and seeing all that had happened between now and then. Plus, of course, the blogging community. I love reading so many fantastic blogs, which makes it hard to not want to join in!

What inspires you?
So much inspires me. the umbrella over all of my inspiration is Jesus Christ. I am a Christian, and I adore all of the love, humor, and joy that God has brought into my life. God uses my husband, David, to inspire me every single day. I view God as the ultimate artist, and as hippy as it may seem, looking around at his beautiful masterpieces he created on this earth inspire me. I have been blessed to have been able to do so much traveling for my age, and I have been able to see the wonder that this world is! How can you not be inspired by it?!

How would you Describe your style?
When I first read this question, I thought "that one is going to be hard to answer." I have a hard time describing what I feel that it is! But I'll go ahead and take a stab at it. I think I have a simple style, but I really enjoy focusing on the details. Lately I've been a fan trying to incorporate menswear into daily outfits. Like suspenders and ties. I've been dying to get my hands on a bow tie as well. I've been planning on trying my hand at making one this weekend...cross your fingers. My closet is stuffed full of neutrals, peaches, grays, white, creams, black. I'm just drawn to those colors. I also enjoy focusing on the fit of clothing, how it was made, the material, etc. My mother is a sewing teacher, so she really gave me an eye for looking into the quality of clothing as well. 

Why do you think fashion is important?
I think its important to feel good about yourself! And 9 times out of 10, when you focus on putting together an outfit that you feel screams you, you'll feel great the entire day. To me, its all about feeling good about yourself! For example, when I was in 5th grade, I was convinced all the boy would like me if I looked like one of them. tom boy to the max. So, I would wear the baggiest pants I could find (aka, my overalls to the longest they could go underneath whatever shirt I was wearing.) and the most oversized sweater I could and my favorite blue sketchers. I looked terrible, but I felt like a million bucks. this also explains why I didn't have a boyfriend until high school. womp womp. 

What are a some of your hobbies?
I studied art in college, and even participated in a study abroad program in Greece at an art school (thanks to justin bieber, I never said never to that dream, and would you have it, it came true). No, I didn't meat a boy named Kostas, therefore he didn't save me when I fell into the Mediterranean, and my closest girlfriends and I didn't share a pair of pants that seemed to magically fit us all. But, I did get to study art (film and digital photography, painting, art history, drawing, etc), I did get to live on a greek islands, and my group of girlfriends and I did pass around a pair of crotchless undies on our birthdays (I picked them up after working a shift at Victoria's secret, I couldn't' help myself. But thats another story for another day.) Along with that, I enjoy baking and sewing and cooking. 

Do you have any favorite styling tips?
As mentioned before, I'm a fan of simplicity when it comes to clothing, but I have been a fan of mixing patterns lately. I mean, who hasn't?! But thats something to always be careful with...don't try to fit too much into one outfit. There are 7 days in a week ladies, lets spread it out. Know what I'm sayin?

What is your current favorite thing in your closet?
this one is hard! So hard to pick, but I'm going to try to go by memory. Lets see. Okay, got it, and this one has a backstory, though. It was Christmas eve, and my dad, sister and I were doing last minute shopping at the mall while my mom and other sister were at home. My sister took a seat to watch our bags while my dad and I headed into one last store. Its aerie, my favorite. I adore their clothes. We went in to help my dad pick out a present for his secret santa, and I knew just the the thing. When we walked in, I pointed out a sweater and mentioned how I liked it. It was a long sleeved, white sweater with a single, simple blue anchor embroidered on the chest. My dad took note of that and purchased it while I was grabbing a gift for my sister. My dad ended up giving it to my husband, David and told him to save it for a time when he wanted to give me something special. Talk about a fantastic dad, right?

What's the best piece of advice you've ever gotten?
This is a hard one, too. My mom gives pretty great advice. She's comforting, gives realistic advice about what to do, and is able to give unbiased advice to her daughter. She'll tell me when I'm wrong, and tell me when I'm right, regardless of the fact that I'm her daughter. She's a wise momma! 

Do you have any big goals for this upcoming year?
This year David and I have decided to save a certain amount of money to eventually be able to buy a house! We want to settle down somewhere and just start planting ourselves. We want to continue making a home for ourselves in our own place, and our new town!

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