A Girl Named Leney


Bryce & Laura

Are you tired of me talking about Valentine's Day yet? 
Well bare with me for one more post because I have to share this cute couple with you!
(Remember this preview?)
Meet Bryce and Laura.
As you can see, they're cuties. 
We collaborated on the idea of a Valentine's Day photoshoot and they came up with the idea of a picnic in the park with one of their favorite meals: McDonald's chicken nuggets and french fries.
Pretty cute if you ask me.
Being friends of theirs I of course had fun doing this with them, but it was also so adorable to watch the way they interacted with each other. When Bryce got out his guitar and started playing Laura a song he wrote for her I might have melted a little bit inside.
Just a little bit.
Enjoy, and leave a comment about which picture is your favorite!

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