Some Very Exciting News!

Dear readers, I have some very exciting news this morning!!

That's right! I'm headed to England in a few weeks!!
I can hardly believe it's happening.
I've been using an excessive amount of exclamation points ever since it became official.
It's something that I've been praying about for quite a while now and it finally just fell into place without me doing much of anything really. It's so awesome to see what God can do when you leave things up to Him.
I've had a desire to travel more over the past few years and so it's so exciting to see this dream become a reality! I can't wait to get over there and have some new adventures.
There will definitely be a lot of picture heavy posts about it!

And I can't wait to go find a yarn store.

Have you been to England?
What should I not miss doing while I'm there?
Any travel tips?