A Week In Review

I'm feeling pretty good this Monday morning.
 I was originally feeling like I hadn't had the most productive week last week but as I started thinking about it, it really wasn't that bad.
This week I...

-Went to a VCU Basketball game (my first! Crossing that off my bucket list)
-Finished a hair tutorial a friend and I were working on
-Had a photoshoot with Brian (which I'm super excited about)
-Had a great bible study with friends 
-Booked a ticket to ENGLAND
-Took a mini road trip to Gloucester 
-Had a lunch date with my Dad (mmm Mexican food)
-Finally posted a photoshoot from a few months ago
-Edited some photos
-Trimmed my bangs back (quite proud of myself for doing a not too shabby job)
-Caught up with a very dear and old friend 
-Started going to yoga again
-Bought tickets for The Hunger Games movie premiere
-Had a few dates with my man
-Started designing some knit tie patterns
-Have a new obsession with spicy brown mustard (it goes on all my sandwiches now)
-Ate some donuts and Oreos 
-Wore some knit socks
-Read some more of The Happiness Project
-Fell in love with the little harmonica necklace that my boyfriend gave me


What did you do this week?