A Girl Named Leney


Day 5

Had lunch at Oomoo today (my second time. Read about the first here). Had a bri, bacon and cranberry panini. It was so delicious. I'm getting hungry again just writing about it.
And another chai latte, of course.

Also went to Asda, a grocery store they have here, and that was quite a fun experience. It was neat seeing all the foods and things that are different then back home.
Or even the same foods, but packaged differently.
For instance, the Oreos I bought were in a little roll instead of a big package. Very odd.
And were described as "cocoa flavored sandwich biscuits".
Which is just wrong if you ask me...
(Side note: They don't taste nearly as good as they do at home, but Oreos are Oreos so I take what I can get!)

It rained today.
Right as I headed home from church too. Of course. So I had my first rainy walk in England, which was a bit unpleasant with the cold. But such is life here in Liverpool.

It was a pretty chill day for the most part though. Helped out with a few things at the church, had dinner with a very sweet couple who were really fun to talk to, and ended the night with watching Pirate's of the Caribbean with some friends.

Oh! I almost forgot, the most exciting news: We've booked tickets for London!
We are going to explore and be tourists for a few days (I mean, what else would you do in London?) I'm really excited to see everything, I can't wait.