A Girl Named Leney



In a word, I am overwhelmed.

In a good way though.


I actually wrote the majority of this a few days ago, but with the busy weekend and such I am just now getting around to posting it.

I don't even know where to begin really, so much is going on!

I guess to start I'll say that I honestly wasn't sure how being back from


and readjusting to life and work again would go. It has been a little hard initially, coming home and wanting to catch up and spend time with everyone I missed, but also wanting to establish a good work routine and schedule again.

Because since

quitting my job

I honestly haven't had time to do that, because I was busy preparing for England, and I didn't really have much time to figure out a good work routine like I wanted to.

Since I've been home that's what I've been trying to figure out.

Honestly, it's been a little all over the place what with

RVA Fashion Week

happening, leading worship again at


, various bible studies, writing thank you notes and making gifts for the people I stayed with in England, finishing with writing my

travel posts

, mailing


orders and not to mention catching up with friends and spending time with family.

Despite all of the craziness though, things are going really well.

I've only been home for two weeks but so many good things have happened.

-I've started knitting these little stuffed elephants (a post about them coming soon!) and out of no where I have an overflow of orders for them. I've had requests for 10 different ones this past week alone. It's also led to other custom orders involving a koala bear, giraffe and hippo.

Kinda silly, but really cool nonetheless!

-I've received several unexpected checks in the mail.

-Since being involved with

RVA Fashion Week

I've had a lot more traffic on my

Facebook page

and am now up to over 200 likes! So crazy.

-Similarly I have a little over 340 followers on this blog! Another thing I just can't quite believe.

-A dear friend is letting me borrow his 50mm 1.8 lens for a few months and I have loved experimenting with it. I cannot wait to save up for one of my own (1.4 here I come).

-A local artist used me a few weeks ago to take some portraits of some children he was painting and he loved the photos and wants to use me again!

-I've been making new blogging friends who I've been talking to more often and getting to know which has been the coolest thing.

-A family member is rebuilding his motorcycle and when he's done he wants some photos taken of it and has some friends who are also interested in having some photos done of their bikes. Kinda different but hey, I love a new challenge.

-Volunteer training is coming up for

The Gray Haven Project

and I've been brain storming ideas with the creators which I am getting really excited about!

Over all, since being home, God has been showing me a lot. First, just how many people really love and care about me. I have so many good friends and family members who have been so supportive of me and what I'm doing and it's just overwhelming the amount of love that I feel. Sometimes I think it takes being taken away from all of that to realize what a truly blessed person you are in coming back to it.

Second, He's really showing me that He's going to provide for me, and that I'll be ok.

It's been a scary thing trusting Him with that. Especially financially. Especially after having just traveled abroad and spent a good amount of money while doing so!

But since being back it's just been one thing after another that tells me He's got me. And He's got this. And I have nothing to worry about.

All I have to do is keep trusting Him.

So that's what I'm gonna try to do.