A Girl Named Leney



Meet Austin.

I had the privilege of taking this guys senior pictures a week or two ago.
Confession: It was my first time taking a guys senior photos!
I've only ever done girls before.
Girls tend to be more into these kinda things after all.
Lemme tell ya though, it was a lot easier.
Girls usually have several outfits they want to change into, they worry about their hair, a piece is out of place so you have to take the photo again, that's not their "good side" etc.
Not so with guys.
They don't really care and are more than happy to do things quickly and efficiently to get them over and done with. 
So while I was a bit nervous at first, not knowing how the whole thing would go, and if he would get annoyed with me moving him around all over the place, the whole thing went really well!
It was a very hot day but he was a trooper and I was able to coerce a smile out of him every so often.
Thanks for putting up with my silliness Austin. 
But look, I made you look pretty handsome didn't I? 

See more photos here

P.s. Don't take offense girls, of course I still love photographing you. 
Multiple outfits and all ;)