A Girl Named Leney



So remember when I mentioned briefly one of the things I've been doing lately was knitting elephants?
Yea, well let me expand upon that...
So I found this little elephant recently that I had knit 4 years ago and I took a picture of him and (of course) put it up on Instagram.
I was surprised when a whole bunch of people wanted me to make ones for them as well.
So I started knitting them and have made about ten so far! And have orders for more.
It's really kind of silly, but neat.
As my boyfriend said when we were talking about it:
"Well, everyone is a child inside and needs something to cuddle".
I think that's true.
Don't you?

So I wanted to give you all an opportunity to custom order your own little elephant if you wish!
I can do one in any color you like.
If you're interested, shoot me an email (by.leney@gmail.com) and we can talk about more details!
All transactions will be done through Etsy.
They make great baby shower gifts, birthday presents, or just something cute and fun to make you smile :)