Friday's Letters


Dear 2000+ photos I have to edit,

Edit yourselves.

Dear Leftover chips from Plaza Azteca,

I forgot to put you in a ziplock bag last night so I hope you are still fresh because there is still some white sauce in the fridge that you would go nicely with...

Dear Mother's everywhere but especially mine,

What would we do without you?

Dear Messy room, 

It's getting out of control in here. You really need to keep it together. No really. 

Get ahold of yourself.

Dear Instagram,

You are so distracting. 

Dear Beach,

I hope I get to visit you soon. 

I miss you.

Dear Oreos in my purse, 

I'm having a hard time not eating you for breakfast.

Dear Weather,

You're really pretty today. I wish I could be out enjoying you but I have to be inside working.


Dear Gilmore Girls,

You make me happy.

Even the third time around re-watching you.