A Girl Named Leney


Hello Monday

(Photo source unknown. If you know, please comment and I will give proper credit!)

So last week I was telling someone all of the things I had to do in the upcoming weeks/months and how I was trying not to get overwhelmed with it all. It was getting pretty hard though, I had (and still have) a whole list of things that is constantly being added to.

And they said:

"Why don't you make a list of all the things you


have to do."

And I stopped for a second and thought... "What a good idea!"

So here it is.

My list of things I


have to do.


1. Run a marathon

2. Work in a cubicle

3. Mow the lawn

4. Take quizzes, tests or exams

4. Eat mushrooms

5. Play golf

6. Wake up at 6am

7. Write a 15 page paper

8. Pay off credit card debt

9. Answer 75 emails

10. Watch the news

11. Take a shower (cause I already did)

12. Go to the doctor


Just trying to take things one day at a time and know that the things that need to get done will get done.

Here's to a productive week!