Friday's Letters

Instagram of Edinburgh Scotland

Dear Scotland/England,
I really miss you an awful lot lately.
Your beauty, in all its many forms, is something I will never forget.

Dear Summer,
You are officially here! 
Now if you could just go easy on the bugs and the sunburn I think we could have a smashing time.

Dear Stack of 12 Books I Checked Out From The Library,
I can't wait to read you.

I've been re-obsessed with you lately. Your photos are just breath taking.

Dear 7-11,
Thanks for making slurpees.
Especially wild cherry and grape and pina colada ones.

Dear Everyone Who Ever Drives Through A 4-Way Stop,
It's not that hard. 

Dear Words With Friends,
I forgot how fun you are.
Apparently everyone else did too cause I can't find anyone to play with...

Dear Larissa,
I'm seriously loving your regular outfit posts.
You're the cutest my friend.

Dear Readers,
Don't forget to check out my giveaway!