I've been learning a lot lately.

I've been learning to trust.
Trust God with what He has for my life and the plans He is revealing to me.
And those He hasn't yet revealed.

I've been learning to be patient.
With my family and friends.
Especially when that's not so easy.
And with time and opportunities and circumstances that I have to wait for.

I've been learning to love.
Again, my family and friends. And all the small little habits and quirks that they have and the many things they do for me. And all the many different ways they each need to be loved.
Which is not always the way I would want to be loved.
And even people I don't know, but I have small interactions with in my every day to day. Whether it's the cashier at Target or the teller at the bank. Asking them about their day and smiling goes a long way sometimes.

I've been learning to appreciate.
All the wonderful blessings I do have in my life.
My dreams. My relationships. My abilities. My opportunities.
Even when I'm tempted to think that there's nothing, it's just a lie the enemy is trying to feed me and I look around and realize how much I have to be thankful for.

I've been learning to see.
See people's true emotions and thoughts even if they try to hide them sometimes.
And how I should react to them in the right way.

I've been learning to listen.
Because more often than not it's just not about me.

I've been learning to lead.
When it's asked of me.

I've been learning to follow.
Because I don't know everything.
Even if sometimes I think I do.

The dictionary defines learning as: The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, practice, or by being taught.
So needless to say I am not claiming to know how to perfectly do any of these things.
In fact I'm not that great at a lot of them.

But I'm learning.