A Bucket List

While cleaning out my room recently I found a "bucket list" that I made about four years ago.
I was able to go through it and check some things off that I've done since I last looked at it and I thought I'd share them here, because I thought some were kinda funny, as well as list some new additions of things I'd like to do at some point.

{Checking off the list}

-See the Statue of Liberty
-Throw a pair of shoes over a telephone wire
-Visit the Empire State Building and climb to the top
-Ride a train
-Drive down Route 66 while listening to the song
-Run through a field of wild flowers ala Sound of Music
-Be a bridesmaid in a friends wedding
-Have my own online store

{Adding to the list}

-Own a typewriter
-Eat macaroons
-Learn how to develop film in a darkroom
-Own a set of blue china
-Finish knitting that one sweater
-Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival
-Make cake pops
-Learn how to make a GIF
-Own a 50mm lens

What's on your bucket list?