A Girl Named Leney


Friday's Letters

Dear God,
Thanks for guiding me through life. 
Especially lately. 
Things are overwhelming sometimes but I know I can handle it because of you.
Thanks for sticking with me.

Dear 5am,
You are not a bed time. I need to remember that.

Dear Batman,
I can't wait for your new movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Andrew Garfield,
You are quite possibly the cutest Spiderman ever. 
Well done on this new movie.
You too Emma Stone.

Dear Richmond,
I love you.

Dear Piles and Piles of Unedited Photos,
You overwhelm me.

Dear Kat,
Thank you so much for your sweet shout out on your blog! 
You're a love.

Dear Readers,
I have another giveaway going on!