Friday's Letters

Photo Cred: Meagan Abell

Dear Readers,
Gosh, I haven't done one of these in a while.

I am so super excited about selling some jewelry in your store! 
(More detailed post coming soon)

Dear Tomorrow's Craft Show,
I wish I was ready for you.

Dear Everyone Who Loves Knit Stuff,
Check out the shop! I have a few knits in there now and will put up some more in the upcoming colder months. But Fall is practically here. You know you need a new hat and/or cowl and/or scarf!
I do custom orders as well, so if you see something but want it in a different color just email or message me! 

Dear Fall,
Hurry up.

Dear Everything Pumpkin Flavored,
Also hurry up.

Dear Chai Tea Lattes,
I'm glad I started drinking you again, even if that's not really weather appropriate.

Dear Costco,
If your machine could not be broken every time I take film to develop that would be super super awesome.

Dear Everyone,
I may or may not have listened to Justin Bieber's Christmas CD all the way through in the car the other day...
I love Christmas.