A Girl Named Leney


I'm Not Lucky I'm Blessed

 Photo cred: Meagan Abell

A few little things I'm thankful for lately:

1. Finally found the perfect Coach bag that's big enough to carry around my laptop for $48! Talk about a steal. I've been searching for one for forever and thought I was going to have to drop at least $100 on one.

2. Had a yardsale/ Etsy sale recently and sold so much stuff! It meant to much to have so many friends come out and support me and buy some of my handmade stuff (and junk). I have the greatest friends for real.

3. Had the amazing opportunity to shoot a wedding with this girl recently and it was such a great learning experience and I made a new friend in the process.

4. Was asked to help shoot another wedding! 

5. Seriously have the most supportive family in the world. They are the bestest.

6. Was given a pair of Rayban sunglasses!

7. Have multiple craft shows lined up for the Fall.

8. Have the opportunity to travel a lot in the upcoming months. Oh how I love traveling.

9. Won some free movie tickets (thanks Brian!) to go see Ruby Sparks!


Have you had some good things happen to you lately?