A Girl Named Leney


Week In Review #10

This week I...

-Shot another wedding! So excited about the photos. Though I still have to share photos from the last one. (Don't worry, I haven't forgotten!)
-Went to Dixie Donuts
-Organized some things around the house. Slowly but surely getting rid of things I don't need and reorganizing everything. Feels so good to put things in order.
-Pulled out one of the sweaters I never finished knitting. Someone give me some motivation to finish it!
-Had a fun photoshoot with a friend
-Became really really ready for Fall
-Spent an excessive amount of time online looking at Michael Kors bags... (don't judge me)
-Got caught in the rain again. Seriously, I need to start carrying around an umbrella.
-Went to my favorite photobooth
-Had a lot of things to be thankful for
-Went thrifting for the first time in ages. And I was, mostly, pretty good! I only got a few things. I've gotten a lot better with shopping and thrifting and not buying things lately. Pretty proud of myself.


This upcoming week is a crazy busy one. 
I just hope I can be productive and get all the things that need to get done, done. 
Especially with all these photos to edit...
How was your week?

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