A Girl Named Leney


Week In Review #9

Recently I...

-Saw the new Batman
-Went to a baseball game with some friends (go Flying Squirrels!)
-Ate at Don't Look Back (repeatedly)
-Reached 500 followers! I'm basically speechless.
-Got freaked out by the Old Navy mannequins (do those things scare anyone else? Especially after seeing their commercials??)
-Visited the VMFA (again)
-Got caught in the rain (repeatedly)
-Perfected my homemade pizza
-Went to the Vans Warped Tour
-Was extra inspired to make more of an effort with my breakfast instead of just eating cereal like I usually do
-Went to the beach
-Made some new necklaces for the shop! Stay tuned:)
-Shot some film (dear Minolta how I'd missed you)
-Got a lovely present
-Went to the Watermelon Festival with this girl and this guy! A few pictures forthcoming.
-Thought about my dream job and what I want it to look like
-Helped shoot a wedding! Rehearsal pictures will be up tomorrow. Make sure you check back!

What have you been up to recently?