A Bunny Named Lewis

Some of you may remember my brief little post introducing my new bunny Lewis.
I promised more photos and, of course, it took me a bit longer than I thought it would to get around to it.
I have mentioned him a few times here and there (and there), but I wanted to give him a more in depth post to properly introduce him!
I've mentioned jokingly, and not so jokingly, that I've wanted a bunny in the past, and the opportunity to own one just sort of fell in my lap.
 Or rather, was placed in my lap. Once I held him I couldn't leave him!
He's named after Lewis Carroll (because whenever I think of bunnies I think of Alice In Wonderland) and he's quite the little character.  

He's a cutie.
And I love him.
He's also a little poop head sometimes with a bit of a temper and mind of his own...
However, he's been a good little friend around here.


Does anyone else out there own a bunny? 
Or have any bunny tips or advice?
I'm definitely not an expert so I'd appreciate anything you all would want to throw my way!

P.s. A little shout out to my friend Kelly is in order, for her help during all of this! 
Thanks for answering my 392 questions Kelly. ;)